Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Memorable Memorial Weekend...

Yes, I do realize that Memorial Day was a week ago and I'm just now getting to this post but a lot has happened in a week!  The nursery is coming along and the walls are just about done, thanks to Dave and Leo.  Our social worker called to schedule our first home visit, officially starting our "home study" process.  So between the "construction" in the nursery and the home visit scheduling, a week late isn't that bad!

After the late night of cutting, sanding, priming twice, re-sanding, and painting, the boards were finally ready to be hung.

Just about done; last step caulking all the edges!
After finding a weekend available for our good friend, Leo to use his handy construction skills and tools, he graciously offered to help us put up some wanes board, complete with picture rail.  I got this crazy idea from Pinterest (a highly addictive somewhat new social craze), and because it was "for the baby," Dave went along with it.  It all seemed so simple; a quick DIY, just paint and tack up some boards, right? Well... lets just say that our estimated time on this project was one Saturday afternoon, and a week later, we still aren't completely finished!  I should have known better, nothing is as simple as it seems. 
Dave's parents were in town and went with us to Lowe's Thursday night to help pick out some wood pieces.  Bob's woodworking expertise was not only helpful but essential at keeping Dave and I from strangling each other.  If you want to test your marriage out, try a "simple" DIY project!  It is crazy how easy home improvements can bring the worst out in you.  Thankfully, we got through the weekend without any major catastrophes, bumps, or bruises!  It wasn't easy, though.  We found that out as soon as the boys finished cutting the 2x4's and ripping them into three pieces.  Although 2x4's are cost efficient, they aren't exactly good quality, and unfortunately didn't pass quality control (aka, ME).  That meant a whole lot of extra, unexpected work and not finishing in one day (or one week for that matter).  Dave and I stayed up till 10PM working on smoothing out all 22 boards.  Keep in mind we started this project around 9AM and never really stopped.  But now that it's just about finished, it looks great and Dave and I are still happily married!
Meanwhile, I chose some fabric and agreed to do a little bartering with a friend of mine.  Wendi is extremely talented on a sewing machine and is going to try her luck with sewing some baby bedding, pillows, and curtains in exchange for some Sweet as Peas painted items.  I'm so excited she is willing to try this, I can't stand it.
The fabric I chose for Wendi to magically transform into crib bedding, curtains, and pillows.
I also found an old antique dresser that I plan to refinish and use as the changing table.  We started painting Dave's great grandmother's rocking chair for the room too. To go with it, I picked up the most perfect little ottoman from a thrift store, that just needs to be repainted and recovered. It's all coming together, and just in time for our first home visit.  The visit is scheduled for next Thursday, June 7 (there's that number again;).  Our social worker, assured us that it isn't a "white glove test" and not to be anxious about it.  She is just going to verify that we live where we say we do and make sure we don't own a thousand cats or have a meth lab in the back yard.  She will also talk with us a little bit to get to know us better and how we came to our decision to adopt.  Friends of ours who have been through the process recently, told us it took less than 20 minuets for them.  We are just glad to get the home study going.  The sooner it is approved, the sooner birth mom's can potentially choose us at their adoptive family.  I just got chills writing that.  
Ottoman for the rocking chair; best part was the price.  Fresh paint and new fabric, it'll look like new! 

Future changing table and rocking chair.  Not quite finished with chair and haven't started the dresser.

The nursery has been a welcome distraction from all the paperwork and waiting.  Next we will have the family book to focus on which will be another welcome distraction as I love scrap booking (even if it is a computer generated photo book rather than an old school actual scrap book).  It hasn't all been easy and we have experienced some set backs, like my car needing all kinds of random & outrageously priced repairs, forcing us to go into our "adoption savings." But God uses those set backs to remind us that He is more than capable of taking care of us.  We have experienced overwhelmingly generous kindness from unexpected resources, along with friends and of course family, offering to help.  Those offers came at such precise timing, there is no doubt it was God's will rather than coincidence.  It also wasn't a coincidence that my daily devotionals this week lead me to specific scripture that touched my heart...
Psalm 120:1 "in my distress, I cried to the Lord, and He heard me." 
John 14:14 As Jesus said, "If you ask anything in My name, I will do it."
God is so amazing and I can't believe it has taken me 30 years to finally start reading His word on a daily basis and open myself up to intimate relationship with Him.  Jesus has changed my life and I can't imagine it without Him!

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  1. YAY!!!! So excited about your nursery coming together and your home study starting!!! So awesome! I want to hear all about it!!