Thursday, May 17, 2012

Surprise...It's a Crib!

I was hoping to begin this post with the news of a home study scheduled, but it seems a little more waiting is in our near future before that can happen. The good news is that my physicians report finally made its way to our cozy little file In Bethany's Columbia office. That might not seem like big news but it means that our formal application is FINALLY complete...which allows us to take the next step...starting the home study.

 The home study begins in the order in which the applications are complete, and depends on how many families our coordinator is working with. Ours is wrapping up three other studies right now and needs to get at least two of those completed and approved before she can begin with us. Naturally it is pretty easy to blame my doctors office for this seemingly huge delay, but what good would that do? Its good to be reminded, "God is in control and everything is under control," including the perfect timing of baby Heilmans arrival. Feel free to remind me of that if my patience runs out by the end of the month. Thankfully, Dave seems to be the dependable slow and steady with unfazed patience and faith (wonder why he isn't like this with all the small things, like my inability to navigate or utilize time management :)!

 Our coordinator hopes to be able to start the home study process with us by the end of the month. In the mean time, we can distract ourselves with the way more fun task of designing the nursery! We have cleared out the room, organized all the mess hiding in the closet, and put together the crib.  I just love saying that so casually as if it's not a tiny symbol of a magnificent life changing undertaking that makes us so excited we can't stand it! The crib is one of the only things in the nursery at the moment and it makes me smile every time I glance in there from working in my studio. We can't thank my dad and Cheryl enough for surprising us with it. They even delivered it! Dad and Dave put it together, which is a hilarious story in itself. Let's just say after 30 min of starting, Dave was in lowes buying new screws because "the box had the wrong ones," which I'm sure is a common problem in manufacturing factories, right?! But needless to say after four attempts, the crib is up and ready to go, and with no major catastrophes . That made for a night full of always welcome, and much needed laughter. We are just plugging along, slowly working in the nursery and getting photos organized for the family book as we wait to start the next step. 
It might not look like much, but organizing that closet was  a huge undertaking; so I had to include it in the photo with our precious crib from Mimi & Papi!

God blesses and encourages us every day in different ways. I'm becoming a huge advocate of Craigslist and consignment as we build our adoption piggy bank. It's amazing how you can turn what's been hiding in your closet, garage, and attic into extra cash! Of course, that's all Gods doing, and we are so thankful!

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  1. So glad your physician's reports made it!! Praying that your home studies begin very soon!! Love your new crib, too!! : )