Monday, March 19, 2012

Myrtle Beach Meeting

The more I read God's word, I realize that He has a sense of humor.  I suppose He has to, seeing as how patient He has to be with us all.... and me in particular.  Since we "started" this process, we really haven't "started" at all.  That's where my lack of patience must have God lovingly shaking His head as He reminds me over and over that His timing is perfect; and I need to RELAX!

I didn't really know what to expect from the Myrtle Beach information meeting, but surely they would get some "information" from us, right? I was wrong, they gave us a lot of information about Bethany.  It was helpful info and we did learn some new things.  We also were able to meet our coordinator face to face and have some questions answered.  Just when I thought, okay, we got all the information we need, we are doing this, lets just go already, new questions come up that I hadn't thought of before.  That's what I mean about God having a sense of humor.  Dave is so much more level headed about it all, He is constantly seeking to learn more and is cautiously treading through with a check list in hand.  Whereas I'm ready to start decorating the nursery!  I so much appreciate the balance between us and thank God for "teaming" us up.

I feel like we are climbing a pyramid of a thousand steps and we are only on step two.  Although I find myself wanting to find the elevator and just get to the top, Dave often reminds me that each step is necessary and purposeful.  It's amazing to see how God is working in his life as well.  Of course Dave is right, there is no elevator and we can't move forward skipping steps.  The attendance of this information meeting will allow us to go to the all day "training session" in Columbia April 13.  And then we can finally and officially get started!  My definition of getting started is when we are out there, forms and documents completed, where birth moms can look at our profile and potentially choose us.  The training session will help us with that (but I've been wrong before, so their might be some camouflage steps ahead). My prayer is that God gives me peace in knowing that His plan for us will unfold at the most perfect time, and that the journey is just as important as the ending.  After all, once we do hold the baby that God has created just for Dave and I, isn't the end at all but rather the beginning of a new journey.  I also pray that God continues to keep Dave level headed and rational as we continue.  I can't believe that I am admitting out in the open, where anyone can see and document, that Dave is the rational one.... I guess that shows you how clearly irrational I really am!

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