Friday, March 30, 2012

Making a list and checking it twice...

Today's devotional reading included Psalm 69:32... The humble will see their God at work and be glad. Let all who seek God's help be encouraged.

I felt God just touch my heart after reading that. It's my prayer that Dave and I will continue to humble ourselves with eyes wide open to witness God at work in our lives! I continue to be amazed that people (besides family, who is practically obligated;) are reading a simple girl's blog. One that is full of grammar & spelling errors (yes, I've been told), which is sad being that both of my parents are/were educators. I can't imagine my elementary school teachers having to break it to my dad & their boss, that I wasn't exactly the star student.  It's good to know your strengths and  I'm clearly NOT a writer, I just write how I talk and words just kinda tumble out.

 I've heard from so many of you, who have shared with family and friends, many who have not even met Dave and I, that our story (even through the grammatical errors) has touched you in some way. THAT is so clearly Gods doing and His work! I've been able to hear similar stories and amazing testimonies from all sorts of people, which is such a refreshing blessing. I appreciate every one of them and marvel at how God can use all of our stories, tragedies, experiences, and disappointments to comfort someone else at precisely the right moment! The support is just overwhelming and leaves Dave and I feeling so blessed and grateful!

 We are eagerly awaiting April 13, the training day in Columbia, and just finished preparing all the paperwork for the application...which was no easy task! It was, however, a welcome one because the feeling of checking off a "to do" list is gratifying, especially to a self-admitted impatient "list checker!" It makes me feel like we are getting somewhere. Even if it is finger print checks, pet vaccinations (that may have prompted an emergency dog training session, not required but may be volunteered on our part), family history, physicians report, personal testimony, photos (which you would think would be easy but somehow isn't). Oh and an affidavit of health insurance, income statement, sign this and that forms, family residence, record release forms, 3 page questionnaire, SLED criminal record inquiry, and last but not least, birth & marriage certificates. Could you imagine if everyone had to do this before having a baby? I'd venture to say we would have a very different society at the least.

And it's off... Our application mailed out today!
 All of the stories and testimonies have really given us strength to check off some of the more grueling steps of preparing for our application and training session. We know they will continue to comfort us when we start preparing for the  home visit & family profile . We feel assured that the process, and hurdles, will not only be worth it in the end but will help us prepare for future baby Heilman! At least I know the pet training will, Charlie is going to have to learn how to take a back seat.

Who's going to tell this guy he's being down graded to "a dog?"

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