Friday, February 17, 2012

Letting God Have His Way

As most of you know, Dave and I have unsuccessfully been trying to have a baby for the past few years. Without our faith in God, prayer, and support from friends and family, I don't know how we would have gotten through all the grueling dead ends that infertility has shown us. After infertility medication, treatments, and a recently failed IUI, we found ourselves heart broken and confused.  Medically their is no reason that we can not conceive, the doctors diagnosed my "condition" as   "unexplained infertility," an actual medical diagnosis.  We had originally planned on trying another IUI and possibly an IVF, but God touched our hearts in a different way.
After the initial shock of the IUI not working when all signs were excellent, we just couldn't see any more infertility treatments having a different result.  We have been trying desperately to have a family our way, the way we imagined growing a family should be, resulting in a lot of heart ache and medical bills.  What if "our way" isn't the way we're supposed to have a family?  We talked and prayed a lot about that question.  Dave's mom, Carol told me something that helped her long ago when she was told she couldn't have children and it made so much sense, so simple yet so hard to do.  She said she had to get out of the way so God could have his way! And of course they were blessed with Sarah, and later with David.
So now we are getting out of the way (as clearly "our way" isn't getting us anywhere) and letting God have His way. We still are not sure what the end of His path for us looks like as "life can only be lived forward but understood backwards ~ Barbara Franklin."  But we both feel God is leading us to the blessing of adoption. It's funny how many "coincidences" (which I don't believe really exists) God has shown us.  Every where we turn, someone is sharing an adoption story, on TV, at church, in random conversations, sometimes with random people.  Our church actually has a support group for adoption called Hearts of Hope, they meet once a month and (naturally) the next meeting is on Cheryl, my step mom's birthday, who just so happens to be adopted herself.
The thought of adoption is becoming more and more exciting for Dave and I as we start the process.  We have chosen Bethany as our adoption agency and done the preliminary paper work.  Our next step is to attend a group meeting at their office in Myrtle Beach and go from there.  The whole process could take as long as a couple of years... but we know it is all in God's hands and His perfect timing.  We want to use this blog to keep our family and friends updated and allow you to walk with us on this exciting journey.  Please pray, laugh, and cry with us as we know it may be a long and sometimes hard journey ahead.  I want to leave you with my favorite verse, that as my mom suggested, I can hang my hat on...
"I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I have asked of Him" ~ 1 Samuel 1:27


  1. Wow, Stacey. I had NO idea you guys were going through this. You're so brave to share your story. I'm sure it will be inspirational to a lot of people. Best of luck! xoxo

  2. Thank you for sharing, Stacey. You are going to make such a wonderful mother. I am so excited for you and I'll be praying for you as you take this next step in your journey towards motherhood.
    Hanna (Sloan) Estill